Gifts for a grieving friend

Updated April 17, 2017

In addition to intense feelings of sadness, grief brings with it high levels of stress and even chaos within the life of an individual who is grieving. When choosing a condolence gift for a grieving friend, look for something that will comfort or pamper your friend in her time of need.


Thousands of books are available for the grieving. Some are very specific, such as for daughters grieving the loss of a mother, while others are more general and focus on the grief experience as a whole. Depending on the individual, he may also like a spiritual book, a book full of bereavement quotes or a book of inspirational stories. Spend some time browsing through a bookstore and purchase a book that matches your friend's situation and personality.

Charity Donation

Consider making a donation to a charity that the deceased was involved in, or one that supports issues the deceased felt strongly about. Most charities offer gift cards for donors who are making a donation in honour of someone else. Send the card to your friend but make the donation in the deceased's name.

Spa Services

Help your friend reduce some of the stress and tension that builds up during the grieving process. Take her to a spa, get massages, eat lunch by the water and spend some quality time talking. Depending on the individual, she may want to talk about the deceased and the impact the loss has had on her life, or she may want to spend the day forgetting. Either way, follow your friend's lead and help her cope in her own way.

Maid Service Gift Certificate

For many, housekeeping seems trivial in the wake of a traumatic life event. That being said, a messy house can contribute to a individual's lost sense of control, especially for those who take great pride in their home. Help your grieving friend regain some order in his life by purchasing a gift token for a cleaning service. Even if your friend has managed to keep his home in order, hired household help will allow him to spend his time and energy taking care of himself, being with supportive loved ones and working through the grieving process.

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