Wedding Gift Ideas for a Daughter-in-Law

Updated April 17, 2017

Buying a wedding gift for a future daughter-in-law can put parents of the groom in an awkward situation depending on how well you know your son's future wife. As your daughter-in-law prepares to begin a new life with your son, wedding gift ideas that centre around family sentiment, function, the wedding or the relationship between the bride and groom will be appreciated for years to come.

Wedding Day Beauty

Helping to take the burden off your future daughter-in-law on her big day, while allowing her to pamper herself would be well-appreciated. With many brides seeking professional hairstylists, nail technicians, aestheticians and other salon or spa professionals for the wedding day, a gift card for an amount to cover part or all of her services would be an appropriate pre-wedding present.

Honeymoon Gifts

In addition to planning a wedding, most couples plan to whisk themselves away on a honeymoon right after saying "I do," but the financial burden and the burden to plan the perfect honeymoon can be stressful. Help mitigate that stress by giving your future daughter-in-law a gift that centres around the honeymoon. Opting to pay for her travel expenses or chipping in for an upgrade to their accommodations or agreeing to housesit, pet-sit or babysit during the trip will help make the honeymoon more enjoyable for your daughter-in-law. Depending on the financial situation, parents-of-the-groom may want to finance the whole honeymoon.

Family Heirloom

Clean up a family heirloom and gift it to your daughter-in-law to welcome her to the family. Sharing such a cherished part of your family history with her will make your daughter-in-law feel more connected with you.

Dinner/Cooking Gifts

Take care of dinner. As the new couple adjusts to life together, family meals and dining arrangements may be a source of complication. Gift your daughter-in-law with gift basket full of family recipes, as well as instructions on how to cook her new husband's childhood favourite meals. Kick up the gift a notch by supplying her with a gift card for groceries.

Family Photos and Stories

A photo album of embarrassing childhood photos of her future husband accompanied with handwritten anecdotes is a gift over which parents can bond with their daughter-in-law.

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