Joke Gifts for a 60th Birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

A milestone birthday such as a 60th is an important occasion that typically is greeted with parties and gifts. Some may not be enthusiastic about reaching this age, and the blow can be lighten by presenting them with humorous gag gifts. Keep in mind the taste and sense of humour of the recipient when choosing the gag gift, as you do not want to cross the line from funny to offensive.


Utilise the number of years the person is turning, in this case 60, for inspiration for choosing the gift. Choose an item that can be bought or produced in bulk, such as cookies. For example, bake the recipient 60 cookies and use numbers to label them from one to 60 and place them in a box or basket. If the person is known for misplacing items, such as pens or glasses, assemble 60 of the item in a box. The dollar store is an ideal place to find items to buy in bulk at a low cost.

Vanity Plate

Purchase a year's use of a vanity plate to replace the current number plate on the birthday recipient's car. Utilise the letters and numbers to form a humorous word or phrase, such as "60 Stud," or "OTH 60" for "over the hill." Surprise them by swapping their current number plates with the new ones. Every time he drives his car, he will be reminded of the birthday gag gift.


Create a fake newspaper for the birthday recipient to peruse. Date the newspaper to the day and year of his birth. Fill the pages with comical pages and stories. For example, write a story about dinosaurs walking the earth with a photo of a tyrannosaurus rex. Include tales of the invitation of the telephone, Columbus finding North America and the writing of the Constitution. Keep the stories to topics well before the actual birth of the individual. Present the gift to the recipient with his morning breakfast or on his desk in the morning.

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