Top Ten Rare Games for N64

Written by brenton shields
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Top Ten Rare Games for N64
RARE games is based in the UK. (Brighton (uk). image by Jerome Dancette from

RARE is a company that has created some of the most iconic video games of all time; games that are still widely played and referenced even today. The Nintendo 64, Nintendo's 3D game console released in the mid-90s, contained several RARE games, many of which have become classics. The top 10 RARE games for the Nintendo 64 have been calculated according to their cumulative ratings on, which averages game ratings from various video game critics across the world.

GoldenEye: 007

"GoldenEye: 007" is the based on the 1995 film of the name. It is a first-person shooter that is often credited for revolutionising gaming, particularly multiplayer gaming. In multiplayer, you can play as one of numerous characters from the James Bond films series and battle it out with your friends in a variety of arenas.

Perfect Dark

"Perfect Dark" is a spiritual sequel to "GoldenEye: 007." It is also a first-person shooter and pertains much to the same style of gameplay. In the game, you play as a female secret agent out to save the world from villains. It contains several levels, unlockables, and even voice-acting, a feat rare in Nintendo 64 games.

Killer Instinct Gold

"Killer Instinct Gold" is a direct sequel to the popular fighting game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, "Killer Instinct." In the game, you can choose between several characters, all with their own unique powers and abilities, and fight it out with another character. There's a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode so you can play against your friends.

Blast Corps

"Blast Corps" is a puzzle game from RARE in which players must demolish a variety of buildings using different techniques and futuristic demolition vehicles. The object is to allow a truck containing nuclear material to pass through obstacles in a given amount of time.

Diddy Kong Racing

"Diddy Kong Racing" works with similar mechanics to "Mario Kart 64," one of the Nintendo 64's launch games. In the game, you can play as one of numerous characters from the "Donkey Kong" universe, including Diddy, Donkey Kong and Conker, and race on wild tracks with themes varying from dinosaur-infested lands to long beaches, and can even fly in vehicles such as small aeroplanes.


In "Banjo-Kazooie," you play as Banjo, a lovable bear with a bird best friend, Kazooie, as you race across vast, open-world levels collecting puzzle pieces and music notes as you attempt to save your sister from the evil witch trying to steal her beauty. "Banjo-Kazooie" is a third-person, platforming adventure game that features many challenges and hidden unlockables.

Jet Force Gemini

"Jet Force Gemini" is a third-person, science fiction-themed shooter in which you play as the Jet Force Gemini, the last remnants of a once-famous galactic militia group. In the game, you visit numerous strange worlds, each with unique themes, and battle an army of alien insects. The game allows players to play cooperatively, meaning that two players can play through the story mode at once.

Donkey Kong 64

"Donkey Kong 64" is the Nintendo 64 version of RARE's famous "Donkey Kong" series from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is a platformer where you can play as one of five of the Kong clan, each with their own unique abilities. You must harness each character's abilities to reach your goal of collecting all of the golden bananas scattered throughout the huge, themed worlds and defeat the villain, King K. Rool.


"Banjo-Tooie" is the direct sequel to "Banjo-Kazooie." The game features 12 new immense game worlds for Banjo to explore as you battle out the evil witch from the first game once more.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

RARE's last game for the Nintendo 64, "Conker's Bad Fur Day" pushed the limits of what the system could do in terms of graphics, as well as aiming towards a more adult audience. You play as Conker the Squirrel, a drunken squirrel who sets out across the world to find his missing girlfriend. Along the way, you encounter various enemies and bosses. The game is rated "M" for mature and features gore, foul language, sexuality and suggestive themes, all within the context of a colourful, cartoon-like game world.

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