Blue Winter Flowering Plants for Pots

Written by rachel turner | 13/05/2017
Blue Winter Flowering Plants for Pots
Plant blue flowering winter plants to add a touch of colour in a drab landscape. (the blue pansy image by laviniaparscuta from

Blue winter flowering plants add colour to an otherwise drab and dreary landscape. Winter flowers bloom in mid to late winter, depending on which flower plant you grow. Create an entire blue winter garden with a variety of winter flowering plants in different shades of blue..

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers feature beautiful blooms resembling butterflies in flight. These winter flowering plants emit a sweet and heady fragrance similar to orange blossom and honey. Sweet pea plants are available in varying shades of blue, including dark blue, purple-blue and light baby blue. Plant one blue sweet pea plant into a container at least 4 inches in size. Insert a small trellis into the pot for sweet pea plants that vine. Locations in warmer climates can expect sweet pea flower blooms in mid to late winter. Sweet pea plants are cold hardy and will bloom through winter frosts, but may die back in hard freezes.

Ice Pansies

Ice pansies have limited flower blooms during the warmer summer months. This variety of pansy blooms in fall and winter. Ice, or winter, pansies are available in a variety of different colours, including blue. The flower blooms are slightly smaller than the average pansy bloom. When blue winter pansies are grouped together by threes in pots, they are ideal for entryway placement since they thrive in full shade to full sun.

Algerian Iris

The Algerian iris features fragrant and striking blooms in various shades of blue, including light blue to dark purple-blue. The evergreen leaves can grow up to 15 inches in length and show their bright green colour all through the winter months. Make sure the pot used for planting these iris flowers is deep enough to accommodate the large bulb. Algerian iris plants thrive in areas with plenty of sunlight, such as a south-facing location.


Tommies are perennial flower plants featuring cup-shaped flower blossom. The flowers of Tommies grow on leafless stems up to 6 inches in height. Tommie flower blossoms have blue petals with a small yellow centre. These small flowering plants blossom through the winter season, in full to partial sunlight. Line walkways with several small, 3-inch pots filled with beautiful blue Tommies to add touches of colour among freshly fallen snow.

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