Paint Ideas for Bedroom Furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Painting wooden bedroom furniture can be a simple way to update or change the look of an entire bedroom. Change the colour of furniture, or create antiqued or distressed effects to existing pieces. Experiment with colours and textures with different kinds of paint.

Add Color

Use basic paint techniques to add colour interest to otherwise simple or plain pieces of bedroom furniture. Headboards in particular are ideal for coloured paint because they tend to be a focal point of a bedroom. Prepare a wooden headboard for paint by sanding away the finish or stain on the surface of the wood with medium grain sandpaper. Select a paint colour that matches existing colours in the room. Choose a colour that appears in the bedspread, or pick a colour that is a shade darker or lighter than the wall colour but in the same colour family. Apply a base coat of paint using a roller for a smooth finish. Allow the paint to dry completely before adding a second coat. For even more visual interest, paint only the interior section of the headboard, leaving the wood trim of the board natural.

Faux Finish

Give wooden dressers and nightstands a unique look by using paint and wax to create a faux finish. Select three colours of paint to create a faux finish. Colors from two different colour families (a dark blue, a sky blue and an orange-red, for instance) create the most dramatic look. Apply the first coat of paint with a brush; this bottom layer will be the most subtle of the three colours. Once dry, apply a painter's wax with a clean rag. Use a brush to apply the second paint colour over the wax, and then re-apply more painter's wax after it has dried. Over the wax, use a paintbrush to cover the entire surface in a crackle coat. Cover the dried crackle coat with the remaining paint colour in one coat. The crackle effect will be apparent immediately. Once everything has dried, sand the furniture with fine grain paper and apply a final coat of wax to seal the faux finish.

Car Paint

Car or automotive paints come in spray-can form. They provide even coverage and can add vibrant colour and texture to wooden bedroom furniture including dressers, nightstands and armoires. There are thousands of colours available, and most automotive paints include specks of gold glitter or sparkles, which can turn bedroom furniture into focal points of the room. Sand and wipe clean wooden surfaces to prepare them. If possible, move furniture outdoors because the fumes from spray automotive paint can be toxic. Apply a base coat following the paint's instructions. Once dry, apply even layers of paint in long, straight lines to ensure even coverage. Allow the paint to dry completely before deciding on a second coat. Automotive paint is also a good option for wooden mirror frames.

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