John Deere Tattoo Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

John Deere products range from bulldozers to lawnmowers, from golf carts to the distinctive yellow and green tractors. The company covers a range of agricultural, construction and even personal needs, and played an important role in the history of American farming. Anyone who has a special place in his heart for the company or what it represents can pay his respects with a John Deere tattoo.


The John Deere trademark, or logo, makes a simple tattoo that is easy to identify. The logo features the outline of a deer leaping to the left, with its front legs bent under and its back legs straight behind it. The deer has antlers and a small tail. Use the official logo colours of yellow and green, with a yellow deer on a green rectangular background surrounded by a thin yellow border.The logo became more refined throughout the years, according to the John Deere website, so you can go for the current streamlined version or a more detailed earlier one.

Logo Variations

Use the deer from the logo to create a number of other tattoos. The deer can stand alone, without any background or borders, or you could create a fancier background. Leave the deer as a simple outline in a solid colour, but surround it with a background of flowers, vines, leaves, skulls or even a smattering of smaller deer. One more option is to leave the deer as a simple outline, but skip the yellow and go for a different colour or variety of colours. Embellish the deer with small designs, texture, fur and even a set of eyeballs and other details.


If the John Deere deer is not the tattoo for you, perhaps some lettering will be. For an authentic tribute to the company, use the block lettering font with all capital letters that appears on the John Deere website. The tattoo can simply say "John Deere" or any other phrase you want to use. Use variations of the block lettering with double-line borders if the letters are large enough. Stick with green or yellow John Deere colours or mix it up to suit your own tastes. If you are really into the company, perhaps a heart with "John Deere" through the centre or the phrase "John Deere Forever" might be to your liking.


The John Deere tractor is another tattoo idea, one that will be immediately recognisable as a nod to the company. Keep the tractor as a simple outline, like the deer, using only green and yellow, or make it as elaborate as you wish. The larger the tattoo, the more details you can add. The tractor could also be the centrepiece for an entire back or chest tattoo that depicts a scene out harvesting in the fields or another country landscape.


History buffs might like to pay their respects to the company's founder, John Deere himself, with a tattoo portrait of him. Deere was a blacksmith who was born in 1804 and died 84 years later in 1886, according to the John Deere website. His first claim to fame was his 1837 self-scouring steel plough, which the site says was the first commercially successful tool of its kind. His company has since grown to include all different types of farming equipment.

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