Hair Trimmers for Dogs' Feet

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are a professional dog groomer or a pet owner who does home grooming, clipping the hair around a dog's paws can be tricky. This part of the grooming session requires equipment to reach the fur that grows between the toe pads on the paws. Special trimmers for dogs' feet are available from makers of other dog grooming supplies.

Andis Ruby Trimmer

This trimmer works with a cord, or you can charge it on the special charging stand and use it as a cordless trimmer that runs on battery power. Using it as a cordless trimmer is convenient for clipping feet since a cord can get in the way. When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to a full hour of grooming. The Ruby trimmer is small and includes five differently sized blades to reach into very small areas on your dog's paws. The Ruby trimmer is effective for the fur on paws but is also small enough to easily manoeuvre around the dog's face and ears. It weighs only 170gr., making it both lightweight and easier to use for longer grooming sessions.

Oster Pro Finisher

The Pro Finisher trimmer is small in size, making it ideal for the small areas between a dog's toe pads as well as the overall paw area. This trimmer is electric and requires the use of a cord. A unique quality of the Pro Finisher is its quiet motor, which makes less noise than other trimmers and clippers. The quiet motor is less stressful for dogs, making the grooming experience more pleasant. The narrow blade makes this trimmer ideal for dogs' faces, ears and areas around the eye. The Pro Finisher is also effective for precise grooming, such as edging and finishing at the end of a grooming session.

Wahl Stylique Designer/Liner

The Stylique trimmer only operates as a cordless trimmer. This trimmer requires the use of a AA alkaline battery to operate. This feature makes the trimmer a convenient choice for quick trims on the go since you can use it anywhere. The Stylique is lightweight and designed to be easy to hold during use. Effective on paws as well as on the muzzle, ear and eye areas, the Stylique has many uses. It can also be used to create intricate designs in a dog's fur during grooming. This trimmer is the most economical of all the trimmers featured in this article, with a price of around £9.

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