Gifts for a 17 Year Old

Updated February 21, 2017

Just one year past the golden age of teenagers, a 17-year-old may still be dreaming of (or working toward buying) a car. Give a 17-year-old you know a gift that will help her maintain her car --- or will help her as she saves to buy one on her own. Seventeen-year-olds --- like many teenagers --- can be picky about their personal style, so observe your teen's style before buying a gift.

Car Piggy Bank

As a sentimental gesture that has deeper connotations, give a 17-year-old you know a "piggy bank" shaped like a car. This makes a great gift because he can set the bank on his desk or bureau and collect loose change. The bank also serves a symbol and reminder of the car he is working to buy. Every decision your teen makes to save money is a decision that gets him closer to getting his own set of wheels.

Car Wash Gift Set

If your teen already has a car, put together a "car wash" gift set for her. This is a fun gift that you can put together that will encourage your teenager to take even more responsibility for the care and upkeep of her car. Purchase a water bucket in her favourite colour along with car washing supplies such as a car sponge, a bottle of car washing soap, soft rags for drying and car wax. Place the supplies in the bucket, and tie a festive ribbon around the handle of the bucket.

Car Ride Compilation

If your teen has a CD player in his car, then consider making him a music CD to play as he drives around town. You may need to rely on his friends to help you with this. If your teen does not have a car yet, you can still make the CD. Include music that will motivate your teen to continue working and saving for his car. For example, consider oldies but goodies such as "Car Wash" and "A Hard Day's Night." You can purchase these tunes from a paid music website that allows you to download songs for about 60p a song.

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