Scandinavian decorating ideas

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
Scandinavian decorating ideas
Scandinavian interior design is simple and modern. (blue bed image by Leonid Nyshko from

Scandinavian interior design has a clean modern look with a casual appearance. The home decorated in the Scandinavian style is simple minimalist design with light colours. Scandinavian homes are wide open and airy, making the best use of natural sunlight. To create the look in your home, you must select the colours, fabrics and simple furnishings to create the modern and slick look of a Scandinavian-style home.


The main colours in a Scandinavian decor are neutral, such as white, beige and pale blue. Light green may feature in the colour palette for a Scandinavian-designed room. Wood finishes are natural and light. Bold splashes of colour are added to the mostly neutral shades with dramatic shades of red.


Scandinavian furniture is simple and elegant, made of lightly-stained natural woods. Furniture that is painted is usually coloured white or pale shades of yellow. The Scandinavian design in furniture is minimally upholstered and cushioned. In a bedroom design, the Scandinavian bed frame is low to the floor without ornamentation on the headboard and footboard.


The fabrics for your interior design are natural and light in colour. Patterns are floral or striped for furnishings, drapes or accent pieces, such as toss pillows.


When deciding on the flooring for your Scandinavian floor, choose light or bleached hardwood floors. You can also paint your hardwood floors white and decorate with stencils. If you plan to use area rugs in your interior design, choose light colours or striped patterns. You may also use a floral design for the area rug.


The Scandinavian design does not require much ornamentation or accent pieces. Table lamps have a simple design, and glass decorative pieces offer a clean look for the design. Choose lighting fixtures that are cast in iron, such as chandeliers or wall sconces. Floral window screens or room dividers add elegance to a Scandinavian interior design.

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