Natural cures for cancer in dogs

Written by jae allen | 13/05/2017
Natural cures for cancer in dogs
Natural remedies combat canine cancer and the fatigue caused by cancer treatment. (dog image by Michal Tudek from

Canine cancer occurs when damaged or altered cells grow uncontrollably, becoming a cancerous tumour. Typically, cancer in dogs is treated with radiation and chemotherapy, but it is also possible to use natural remedies as a supplement or even an alternative to these traditional treatments. Many pet owners believe in the ability of various natural remedies to either cure a dog's cancer or at least to improve the pet's quality of life while undergoing conventional cancer treatments.


A healthy, nutritional diet will help treatment of canine cancer. The high levels of fat and carbohydrate in most commercial dog foods are dangerous for dogs suffering from cancer, as they can weaken the pet's immune system. A diet for a dog with canine cancer should be low in carbohydrate and high in protein.


Acupuncture is useful as a supplementary treatment for canine cancer. This alternative treatment is useful in lessening the pain and irritation a dog may experience following chemotherapy or radiation. Acupuncture also works to restore the dog's bodily balance after treatment.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies work to increase the dog's energy levels through boosting the level of cancer-fighting white blood cells in the body, slowing the growth of tumours or functioning as an antioxidant. Herbs reported to be useful in the treatment of canine cancer include reishi mushrooms, ashiwagandha, and milk thistle.


Some pet owners report successful treatment of canine cancer through the use of supplements. Supplements including selenium and echinacea work to improve the dog's immune system while also combating the appetite loss and general fatigue which may be side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

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