What are the most popular sage paint colours?

Written by christie gross | 13/05/2017
What are the most popular sage paint colours?
Olive Branch, Fern Wood, Soft Fern, and Silver Sage are the most popular sage colours. (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Sage is a neutral colour with a green hue. It’s used in home interiors for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Individuals choose sage paint colours because they usually work well in most rooms and suit just about any decor. Several popular sage paint colours exist.

Olive Branch

According to My Perfect Paint Color, a paint colour resource guide, olive branch (2143-30) is a popular selling sage paint colour. The colour is a darker neutral shade with hints of olive green and is made by Benjamin Moore.

Fern Wood

My Perfect Paint Color found among the most popular selling sage paint colours it tracks that Fernwood Green (2145-40) is a top seller. Benjamin Moore’s Fernwood Green is a lighter sage colour. It has a soft green hue but also picks up hints of beige.

Soft Fern

Another favourite sage colour is soft fern (2144-40). Like its name, the colour is a softer sage green colour. It includes cooler shades of grey mixed in. It’s the third most popular selling sage paint manufactured by Benjamin Moore. According to Breslow, Home Design Center, Soft Fern is the tenth best selling living room paint colour.

Silver Sage

Restoration Hardware, a home store, sells paint. According to Sensational Color, a design resource, the store’s signature paint colour is silver sage. It’s a muted blue-green shade when painted on the walls, although appears grey on the paint sample. It’s a mid-value hue, which means it’s moderately priced compared with other more expensive paint colours the store also sells. Silver sage is sold by the gallon.

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