Crazy games for adult birthday parties

Written by ilana boyum
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Crazy games for adult birthday parties
Celebrate growing older with some amusing games. (on the party image by Alexey Klementiev from

Birthday parties are not just for kids; grown-ups can have raucous celebrations to mark the occasion just as easily as their children. Planning an adult party can be a little bit tricker, though, as the standard party fare of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and Musical Chairs will likely not fly with their guests, at least not until they have had quite a bit to drink. Some crazy adult party games are fun, though, even sober.

Murder in Dark

To play Murder in the Dark, you must have at least five people. Cut as many strips of paper as you have participants. Place a black dot on one piece of paper, fold them all and place them in a hat. Have each person draw out a piece of paper and inspect it secretly. Whomever draws the paper with the dot is the murderer. Once each person has examined their paper, have everyone sit in a circle and hold hands. Turn out the lights, and have the murderer squeeze the hand of the person to his left a certain number of times. That person must then squeeze the hand of the person to his left one less time than the squeeze he received. Whomever gets squeezed only once "dies." He can be as flamboyant about this as possible. Once the person has died, he leaves the circle, and the murderer starts the squeeze again. Anyone may try guessing the murderer's identity, but a correct guesser also dies.

Take This Hand

To play this game, you will need couples. Blindfold one of the women. Assign each man a number, and have a group of three men each hold their hands out for her to touch. The object of the game is for her to successfully identify her husband or partner's touch. Each man's number is announced upon her touch and she can eliminate anyone she feels sure is not her husband. Another man is to replace anyone eliminated until there are no more men she has not already ruled out. The woman who most quickly identifies her husband or partner's touch wins.

Love Statue

This game is best played with a large group of couples. Divide the group in half. One half will watch while the other half plays. Send all the couples out of the room, then bring one couple back in. Ask them to create a "Love Statue" out of their two bodies. When they are finished, call one of the men in from the other room, and task him with changing one thing about the statue. After he has done this, he is then instructed to take the place of the man in the statue. The first man may now join the spectators. One of the sequestered women is then summoned and instructed to make one change to the statue. She must then take the lady's place. This continues until all couples have had their hand at "molding" the statue.

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