Indonesian Hairstyles

Updated July 20, 2017

In the country of Indonesia, women's hair is generally long and dark and styled into hairstyles that are seen all over the world. Whether in the fashion industry, or seen in Hollywood, Indonesian hairstyles may not be recognised as originating from this country. But the Indonesian hairstyles are seen and adopted internationally.

Braided Hair

In Indonesia, the long hair of women are typically woven into a single braid that hangs down. A classic look that is seen on women in all countries, this particular style is accepted by Indonesians. Radical hairstyles are not embraced within Indonesia, so a simpler style is more common. Although a single braid is not anything special, Indonesian women wear this hairstyle more dominantly than any other.

Plaited Hair

A hairstyle that can be done while visiting the country of Indonesia is the plaited hair. This hairstyle is different from a braid, as the plaited hair is braided against a woman's scalp rather than worn as a braid that hangs down. The Rasta style plaited hair is seen frequently in tropical countries. Women in America have adopted this hairstyle in fashion and wear the plaited hair in single braids across the top of their hair.

Long Wavy Hair

Most women in Indonesia have long voluminous hair that falls down in natural waves. Rather than styling their hair in arrangements, most Indonesian women leave their hair down and let the texture of their hair be the style itself. The typically dark locks of Indonesian women are worn without any product applied to it.

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