Homemade Facial Creams

Rather than spend countless dollars on expensive facial creams, make a cream in the comfort of your own home. Whether you suffer from dry skin, oily skin or wrinkles, these homemade recipes will leave your skin moisturised and nourished. Ingredients such as ginger, papaya and kelp help moisturise the skin, whisk away excess oil and provide vitamins and minerals. With a few simple ingredients and a little labour, you can create a facial cream targeted to your specific skin type any time.

Dry Skin Facial Cream

For dry skin, create a homemade ginger skin cream. According to All Natural Beauty, this recipe is a double dose for dry skin: The ginger invigorates and the oil soothes the skin. To make, finely grate a 2-inch piece of ginger. Tightly squeeze the gratings over a bowl, pressing the juice out, until you have about 1/8 tsp ginger juice. Combine the juice with 2 tsp light sesame oil, 2 tsp apricot kernel oil, 2 tsp vitamin E oil and 1/2 cup cocoa butter. Heat in a pan over low heat, stirring until the cocoa butter is melted and all ingredients are blended. For a pleasant scent, add a few drops of orange oil or any essential oil of your choice. Pour into a clean, dry container. Apply this cream after washing the face or anytime the skin needs a dose of hydration. Do not rinse off.

Oily Skin Facial Cream

Create a papaya and cocoa cream for oily skin. According to Beauty Den, this recipe removes excess oils and prevents breakouts. To make the cream, mix 1/3 cup of cocoa and 3 tsp of double cream in a clean container. Add 1/3 cup of ripe, grated papaya and 1/4 cup of honey and mix until smooth. Add 3 tsp of oatmeal powder and combine until a creamy paste has formed. Apply this cream to the face and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the cream off with lukewarm water to reveal clean, soft skin.

Facial Cream for Wrinkles

Create a homemade cream with kelp as a main ingredient to keep wrinkles at bay and smooth the skin. According to Natural Home Remedies for Life, the seawater in kelp is similar to human plasma, so it is easy for human skin to accept the vitamins and minerals from this seaweed. To create the cream, mix one egg white, 1 tablespoon organic honey, 1/2 tsp fresh orange juice and 2 tbsp.s kelp powder, which you can purchase at health food stores. Apply this cream to the face and wash off after 15 minutes.

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