Ideas for a Ladies' Prayer Breakfast

Written by maris callahan | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a Ladies' Prayer Breakfast
A ladies' prayer breakfast is an enjoyable way to connect over a meal. (breakfast image by Mat Hayward from

If you're planning a breakfast for your ladies' prayer group, keep in mind that any event or gathering will be more successful if you tailor everything, from the menu to the location, to the liking of your guests. Whether you're hosting a prayer breakfast at your home or place of worship, refreshments add a personal touch and help provide your guests with nutrition and energy for the day ahead.


Invite all of your friends and fellow worshippers to attend a prayer breakfast with their favourite dish in tow. Whether your neighbour makes award-winning hash browns or your mother-in-law is famous for her French toast, letting everyone contribute a bit of eclectic flavour to the table will make it memorable.


Any get-together with friends will feel more special if you pick a seasonal theme. Whether you're celebrating the Fall harvest or enjoying summer sunshine, plan your menu around local, seasonal flavours. Look to your local grocer or farmer's market for menu ideas and to learn more about what's fresh and in season.

Wholesome Foods

Start your prayer breakfast with a meal full of wholesome foods like fruit, vegetables and whole grains. If you serve eggs, incorporate spinach, mushrooms or peppers into your omelettes or casseroles. Cut up cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon into a fruit salad for a nutrient-dense side dish.

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