What house paint colors to go with a metal roof?

Updated February 21, 2017

Metal is a versatile, durable roofing-material alternative to traditional shingles. Because metal roofs are available in a wide range of colour finishes, choose an exterior paint colour that matches or complements your roof colour. A well-coordinated exterior adds curb appeal and value to your home.

Gray and Black Roofs

Neutral and understated, grey and black roofs offer the most versatility when it comes to choosing matching exterior colours. To keep to a cohesive colour scheme, opt for a neutral and modern slate grey, charcoal or blue-grey. Pair a grey exterior with crisp white trim to brighten the home or a high-gloss black to create a modern, sophisticated scheme. Gray and black metal roofs also pair well with rich, saturated exterior hues. Select a midnight or navy blue for an elegant look; olive green and brick red are brighter options that add a spark of visual interest to your home's exterior. For an unexpected colour contrast, opt for a pale shade of yellow or even purple with a grey or black metal roof; the neutrality of the roof leaves the exterior colour as the centrepiece for curb appeal.

Brown Roofs

Brown metal roofs are best paired with exterior colours in earth tones. For a clean look, select a cream, beige or crisp white for the home's exterior but match the trim colour to the roof colour to maintain visual contrasts and dimension. For a more rustic look, a sage, olive or evergreen exterior creates the sense of a log cabin or country aesthetic. If you like a bit more brightness, create a modern pairing with a sky or robin's-egg blue for your home's exterior; be sure to select brown shutters to incorporate the roof colour into the blue scheme.

Bright Colors

Metal roofs are also available in bold colours that dominate a home's exterior design on their own. Red, green and even blue metal roofs are common brightly coloured options. Avoid matching exterior colours, which could easily become visually overpowering. Instead, tone down bright metal roofs with coordinating neutrals on the walls. For example, a red roof pairs well with a pale sepia or beige exterior paint, while a blue roof is well-suited to pale and icy-grey tones. Instead of matching the exterior colour to the roof, incorporate the roof colour into exterior trim details or even shutters.

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