Baby-Christening Party Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

A christening party celebrates the entrance of a child into the church. Your own child's christening is a joyous occasion. Plan a special party, with simple food, decorations and music that keep the child in the forefront as the guest of honour, not overwhelmed by the party itself.


When planning your decorations, ask your parents if they still have the items used in your own christening. Many times mothers pack these away, and you can find them in the basement or attic. Making your own christening gown, baptismal candle and baby shoes part of the decorations gives the party a personal touch that cannot be achieved with store-bought decorations.


A simple, all-white with a touch of pink or blue christening party is in good taste for the solemnity of the occasion. Plan a simple brunch buffet, bought or make ahead of time, and lay it out on a pre-decorated table in your home after the christening service or Mass. Making everything simple allows you to do it all yourself and keep the stress level minimal on the day of the christening.

Garden Party

Moving your christening party into your garden makes for a beautiful setting. Because the christening party normally follows the church service, keep everything easily accomplished when you arrive home. Set out tables and chairs before leaving for church. Drape the tables with tablecloths and set out weighted floral centrepieces to ensure that everything remains in place. Set up a simple buffet table draped with a tablecloth, also held in place while you are gone, and put out the food when you arrive home. Have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather.

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