Bedroom ideas for a 16-year-old boy

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning sixteen marks an important step in a boy's transition to adulthood. Along with learning to drive and tackling high school classes, a teen boy may realise he's outgrown his current room. He may want a simple style makeover, or his room could need an entire redecoration to furnish necessary studying and relaxing spaces.

Layout and Theme

Determine what activities will take place in the room and create zones for each one. Study areas, for example, need a desk and a comfortable chair along with a bookcase or other form of storage for holding books and supplies. After deciding on what areas to create in the room, choose a colour scheme or a theme. Themes can range from favourite movies to a certain style like country or modern. Once the theme is determined, pick a main colour, a secondary colour and an accent colour. Choose furniture in the same type and colour of material and avoid mixing light and dark, especially for wooden pieces.

Lighting and Storage

Adjustable track lighting gives a bedroom adequate overall lighting for the variety of tasks that take place there. Each light should swivel so it can shine down on different areas when needed. For more direct lighting, add a table lamp beside the bed and a desk lamp for the desk or study area. For boys with a large TV in their room, place a soft light behind the TV to use while watching movies in the dark. Watching a bright TV set without any lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, but a soft light behind the TV set will eliminate this problem. If the TV is wall-mounted, place soft accent lights on either side to shine down during the movie.


The colours and materials used throughout the bedroom merely provide a backdrop for posters and artwork to come to life. Boys should choose the items they want in their rooms. These pieces best reflect their current interests and personalities. Install small wall hangers for artwork and hang thin poster frames so posters can be interchanged at will. HGTV suggests creating a focal point behind the bed by using a framed poster or a large piece of art as a headboard. Ensure that it's securely fastened to the wall and lightweight, in case of falls.

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