Design ideas for a two year old boy's room

Updated February 21, 2017

Two-year-old boys may be small, but they're big enough to require their own space. Your son's room is his first opportunity to reflect his creativity and personal tastes. Although parents make the final decision, ask your child his preferences and include him in the design choices for his room. You'll be surprised to find that children, even as young as two, know exactly what they want.

Favourite Character Theme

The first step in designing a two-year-old boy's bedroom is choosing a theme your child will love. Kids feel comforted and secure when surrounded by characters from their favourite cartoon, live television show or story book; theme ideas include Bob the Builder, Transformers, GI Joe, Diego, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, Curious George and Toy Story. Most of these franchises sell room decorations, including lamp covers, sheet and pillowcase sets, comforters, wall hangings and action figures.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Some little boys will prefer a transportation motif to their favourite cartoon character. Whether your son likes model aeroplanes, trains or cars, it should be easy to find a theme he will love. You can create or purchase a bed designed after his favourite toy, and buy sheets, pillowcases and a comforter to match. Light switches, lamps, wallpaper and area rugs are also available with a transportation theme.


Bookshelves should be included in any two-year-old boy's room, to encourage a love of reading. You can either purchase a freestanding bookshelf or install shelves directly to the wall. Shelves can be purchased (or painted) to match the colour theme in your son's room. Fill the shelves with his favourite books, preferably books complementary to the theme of the room.

Miniature Table and Chairs

Two-year-old boys need a toddler-sized activity table and chairs in their room to create whatever projects pop into their vivid imagination. Tables should come with built-in drawers and storage compartments to contain their crayons, paper, markers, paints, blocks, child scissors, glue and other arts and craft supplies. Some tables come with a dry-erase surface, so your little artist can draw on his furniture.

Toy Box

A toy box in a two-year-old's room is beneficial to the child (and the parent). Adding this accessory will teach your son responsibility and organisation, and can be purchased to complement the decor of the room.

Wall Art

Two-year-old boys need visual stimulation to encourage mental development. Wall hangings are available in whatever decoration motif you choose; you should also hang the wall art your son creates at his new activity table.

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