Ideas for a 50th Birthday Party at Home

Updated April 17, 2017

A 50th birthday is a major milestone for people. It needs to be celebrated with style and a fun theme. However, instead of going out and renting a hall, it is much easier to put up some decorations at home and invite people over. Ideas for a 50th birthday party at home include a return to school, trivia contest, in memory of youth or old person games party.

Back-to-School Party

A back-to-school party will take your birthday guest or spouse back to his or her school days. Invite some old friends from your high school, printing the year that you graduated on the invitation. Tell everyone to dress as they did 30 some years ago, or with varsity colours. Blow up some yearbook pictures of the birthday boy or girl, and include photos of your guests as well. Make sure you rent some of the top tunes from your youth. You can easily find lists of tunes for each decade by search or

Trivia-Themed Party

One way to throw a trivia-themed party is to create a quiz for all your guests. The quiz could include trivia about events or things that transpired when your birthday guest was in high school. Invite some friends from school or even neighbours who are about your age. Include about 20 questions on the quiz. For example, if the birthday guest graduated in the 1970s, add a question about a musical group like Aerosmith. Ask people to name who was governor during that time, or what the top television programs were. Instead of a written quiz, pit the guys against the girls with an oral quiz. Allow 30 seconds for a response. The winners can win a price.

In Memory of Youth

Another party theme you can do from home is an "in memory of youth" party. Put up decorations that are more funereal in nature. You can even create a mock casket and have a ceremony for memories of the past. Tell everyone at the party to think of a youthful memory that they treasure. Everyone can then take turns placing their memories in the coffin. You, as the party thrower, can even include a statement about the party and day. Instead of a coffin, use a time capsule. You can purchase them online for about £45 or £52. Bury your memories for future generations.

Old Person Games

You could set aside space in your home to play some kids games. Create some silly names for you games related to old age, according to Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, blindfold everyone and have them pin a toupee on an old guy's head. Additionally, you could spin the bottle of antacid or bob toothless for apples. The key is to have fun and get everyone involved.

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