Ways to Decorate Ceramic Tiles

When you need an interesting activity to do with your family or friends, consider decorating ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles range in price and size and, when decorated, can make a great party favour, gift, beverage coaster or piece of art. The next time you need a boredom buster, stop by the home improvement and craft stores to get the supplies you need to decorate your own tiles.


The art of découpage is applying paper to any surface to create an artistic look, as you would a collage. When you découpage a ceramic tile, the design can be as simple or complex as you like. To do this project, you will need a ceramic tile, medium-grain sandpaper, soap, water, images from magazines or photographs, an old paintbrush and découpage glue.

First, lightly sand the top of the tile until it no longer has a glossy look. Then, wash the tile with dish soap and water, and rinse it well. Allow the tile to dry completely.

Apply découpage glue to the back of the image or photograph you want to use on the tile and place it on the tile. Do this with all the pictures you wish to use. When you finish applying the pictures to the tile, brush a thin layer of the découpage glue over the entire top of the tile and over the pictures. Then, apply two more coats of découpage glue over the tile, allowing each coat to dry completely.


Using a similar technique used to create mosaics out of pieces of old plates and tiles, you can create a mosaic on a ceramic tile. To make a mosaic on a ceramic tile, you will need a tile, medium-grain sandpaper, soap, water, tile nippers, old plates or tiles, craft glue, grout, a wooden stir stick for mixing paint and a sponge.

Lightly sand the top of the tile until it no longer has a glossy look. Then, wash the tile with dish soap and water, and rinse it well. Allow the tile to dry completely. While the tile dries, use the tile nippers to cut tiles and plates into small sizes.

Arrange the pieces you cut on the tile into a pattern you like and glue them to the tile with the craft glue. Allow the glue to dry overnight. The next day, put on a pair of plastic or latex gloves, mix the grout according to the instructions on the package and place it over the materials you glued onto the tile using the wooden stir stick. Then, use the same wooden stick to spread the grout evenly between all the cracks in your mosaic. Using a damp sponge, wipe away the excess grout that is over the tiles and pieces of plate in your mosaic, but do not remove any of the grout from the crevices of your creation. Allow the grout to dry overnight.


Create your own work of art on a ceramic tile by painting an image or design on it. To do this, mix three parts of a clear glazing liquid for acrylic paints with one part of an acrylic paint colour. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint and allow it to dry when you are finished.

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