Ideas for a Wall Mounted TV and DVD Player Shelf

Updated July 19, 2017

Wall-mounted entertainment centres save space and add elegance to the room. Many living rooms or family rooms have fireplaces, especially in older homes. A wall-mounted TV and DVD player shelf will allow both the television and fireplace to be utilised in the home, providing versatility when entertaining guests.

Below a TV

Today's televisions are flatter and weigh less than previous generations. A popular solution to save space in the home is mounting the television onto a wall. Mount a shelf, or a series of shelves, beneath the wall-mounted television to add space for peripherals such as DVD players, cable boxes and digital video recorders. A DVD player and other accessories will require a cord to connect to a TV. Mount the shelf directly below the TV to hide these cords as much as possible. If the television is mounted above a fireplace, consider installing a shelf between the fireplace and the TV to divide the space and create room for TV accessories.

Add Storage

Mount a series of multi-tier shelves on a wall to create room for a TV and DVD player. Use proper mounting equipment to ensure the entertainment centre will not fall off of the wall and break. Mount multi-tier shelves on either side of a wall-mounted TV to create storage space for DVDs, video games and other TV related media. Mix and match cabinets and shelves to add variety to the wall. Install two wall-mounted cabinets on either side of the TV with a shelf below the cabinets for a DVD player. Display a sleek or modern television by setting it alone on a shelf with cabinets alongside for DVD players and other accessories.

Elegant Solutions

A shelf can be an elegant solution to design problems in the room. Bring the TV off a crowded surface with a shelf. Add a shelf to an existing cabinet system to free space within the cabinets. Decorate the shelf with hanging plants and utilise backlighting to make the TV stand out from the wall. Shelves can be customised to match the interior of the home by adding moulding, decorative mounting brackets and paint. Use commercial wire and cord control products to make the TV and DVD player shelf appear elegant and streamlined. Install a shelf with drawers to keep remotes and manuals handy while out of sight.

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