Fun ideas for a 70th birthday party

As people grow older, the tendency is to focus on the age, rather than the individual. This is especially true when people reach a certain age, such as 70. You get caught up in buying decorations that relate to the person's birthday, without focusing on what they actually like and their personality. Fun ideas for a 70th birthday party give you the chance to share your memories of the individual and lets others tell the person why they're special to them, too.

Memory Lane

Craft your own memory lane, weaving the lane through the main room of the party. Buy black posterboard and cut it into thin strips, to serve as the lane. Cut a few curved pieces as well. Lay the pieces around the party area, using the curved pieces to wind the lane around the tables. Decorate the pieces with different events that the person experienced or major milestones in his life. Use the lane as a timeline for his life, mixing together his wedding, the birth of his children, his first job and other events with the release of popular movies and historical events that occurred at the same time. Alternatively, you can place the memory lane on top of the buffet table.

Create a Slide Show

Scan your favourite images of the 70th birthday boy or girl and ask friends and family members to send you their favourite photos as well. Create a slide show, arranging the photos in order chronologically. Add captions or dates to the slideshow and break the photos into different categories, such as their early years, work life or later years. Set the slideshow to music and play the slideshow during the birthday party.

Poem Book

Pass out pieces of scrapbook paper or archival paper to party guests, as soon as they enter the party. Ask guests to write a poem, a special note to the individual or share a specific memory. In the middle of the party, go around the room and ask everyone to share their words with the group. If you have a mix of people, ask them to share their name and how they met the person, which serves as a quick icebreaker. Pass around a basket for the guests to deposit their papers in after reading it. Collect them in a binder and present it as an extra birthday gift after the party.

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