Things to do for a sweet 16 birthday weekend

A Sweet 16 birthday occasion needs to be memorable to your teen, so getting creative with how you celebrate proves useful. Coming up with different ideas on how to celebrate your teen's Sweet 16 birthday weekend allows you to wow him or her in an unforgettable way.

Weekend Cruise

A weekend cruise serves as a truly enjoyable Sweet 16 birthday festivity. Some short-distance cruise liners offer many of the luxuries as long-term liners such as pools, fine dining and a plethora of entertainment and recreational options. Throwing a memorable Sweet 16 birthday weekend on a short-distance cruise liner gives your teen and her friends an opportunity to revel in festivities among panoramic views of the ocean and a variety of flora and fauna. As of 2010, the price of a weekend cruise varies from £325.00 to upwards of £13,000 and more depending on the location and the travel agency you book.

Pampering Weekends

Booking a weekend at a spa and resort gives you and your teen the opportunity to bond while being pampered and catered-to. Depending on your location, some spas offer all-inclusive packages that include dining, lodging, recreational activities and spa use. This spoils your teen with massage, aromatherapy, poolside lounging and excellent food flavours. Whether your teen comes alone or brings a friend, a weekend spa getaway gives you all time to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings while releasing the stress of everyday life. You can also arrange with a chosen resort's dining facilities to host a lavish Sweet 16 dinner party. This makes the occasion memorable and sentimental.

Slumber Party Weekend

Throwing a slumber party weekend for your teen's Sweet 16 proves to be a low-key, inexpensive and fun idea. Provide snacks, drinks and games and allow your teen to invite all of her friends over for the weekend. During the weekend you can throw a secret Sweet 16 party right under their noses and surprise the teens in the middle of their weekend of togetherness. As an option, you can secretly let your teen's friends know in advance to bring gifts for the low-key shindig. The end result proves to become a memorable occasion for your teen's Sweet 16 birthday weekend.

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