Ideas for a Black, White & Bling Party

Updated February 21, 2017

Throw a birthday party for a teenager or a theme party for adults, but try out a black, white, and bling theme for the stylish evening. The focus of the party is black and white, with silver, gold and jewelled bling or flashy accents. As you plan, focus on guests' outfits, decorations, table settings and party favours.

Dress Code

Send out formal invitations for your black, white and bling party that establish the theme. You might use black paper with silver embossing and white lettering, for example, or go with a geometric black and white pattern. In the wording of the invitation, include a line requesting that guests step out in their finest black and white outfits with accompanying bling. Make the invitation bold and fun to set the mood and encourage guests to go all out with their outfits. The invitation should also suggest to guests the style to expect, whether it's black tie or a dance club atmosphere.


Decorations at a black, white and bling party go a long way to setting the tone of the evening. For an elegant and sophisticated evening, choose an understated decoration scheme that uses a white base with touches of black and silver. If you want to create more of a club appearance, use a black base with white and silver accents. You might lay down a dance floor in a black and white checked pattern, for example, or create a dropped tent ceiling with lengths of black and white silk. As you decorate, keep in mind that a less-detailed decoration scheme lets your guests' outfits to stand out.

Table Settings

If your party includes a sit-down dinner, table decorations can contribute to the impact of a room. For a touch of drama, use accents in a black and white pattern: striped napkins, paper candle sheaths, printed china or place mats. To add bling, use sparkly silver centrepieces such as silver candlesticks, clear vases filled with loose rhinestones to reflect light or an arrangement of glittery Christmas balls. If the other decorations in the room are low-contrast, use tables as an opportunity for a big statement: try boldly-patterned tablecloths and dramatic chair skirts, or create a wild combination of mismatched patterned dishes.

Party Favors

Party favours present an opportunity for you to give guests over-the-top bling to wear during the evening and take home at the end of the party. Look for sparkly, shiny costume jewellery and large plastic pieces. Disco ball necklaces, shiny beaded jewellery, oversized rings, tiaras, hair clips and crowns go over well at a bling affair. For a more sophisticated evening, collect elegant fake pieces: sparkling necklaces, rings and tiaras are suitable for formal dresses.

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