Isometric hand grip exercises

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Isometric hand grip exercises
Isometric hand grip exercises include using a hand gripper and a penny. (force main image by Lounatiq from

Isometric hand grip exercises entail grabbing an object with the strength of the forearms, then keeping it stationary. These types of exercises can help athletes like golfers and baseball players build wrist and forearm strength for striking a ball. Additionally, people can build hand strength for daily activities like opening jars or yard work. The are a number of different isometric hand grip exercises that a person can perform to build forearm strength.

Power Holds

Power holds require the use of a heavy barbell. Set a heavy barbell on a rack or bench. Put as much weight on the barbell as you can grip using an overhand grip. Do not use any straps but just the strength of your forearms. Hold the barbell for 20 or 30 seconds, then place it on the rack. Hold the barbell with thick rubber foam to make the exercise more challenging. Perform up to three sets of the exercise.

Double Plate Grips

Another hand grip isometric exercise is the double plate grip or pinch grip. This works both the flexor and extensor muscles of the forearm, according to Extensors allow you to move your fingers outward while flexors help you grip objects.

Grab two 10-pound plates and place them together so the smooth sides are facing out. Place the two 10-pound plates in your right hand and hold them for as long as you can. Switch hands and hold the plates with your left hand until you can no longer hold them. Do two or three more sets of the exercise. When you get stronger, try holding two 25-pound plates together.

Hand Gripper Penny Exercise

You can also use hand grippers that you buy in a store to perform isometric exercises. Try placing a penny near the bottom of the gripper handles after squeezing them with your right hand. See how long you can hold the penny in the gripper before it falls out. Switch hands and see how long you can hold the penny in place with your left hand. Use two pennies the second time around, which is more challenging.

Pull Up Bar Hang

Grab a pull-up bar with an overhand grip and see how long you can hold your grip on it. Take a brief rest, then repeat two more sets of the isometric exercise. This exercise can build the forearm and hand strength necessary for wall climbing or even gymnastics.

Grab and Walk

Wrap two towels around a couple 25-pound dumbbells, or feed the towels through the holes of two 25-pound weight plates. Grab the end of the towels and walk around with them until your forearms get tired. Use 10-pound plates if you are unable to handle 11.3 Kilogram.

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