Tools to catch a cheating spouse

No one wants to find himself in a position where he has to wonder about his spouse's fidelity, but accurately tracking their actions is an important step in repairing marital problems or defending yourself should the marriage dissolve. Technology offers effective and unobtrusive methods for surveillance of your spouse's movements and activities.

Vehicle Tracking

It can be difficult to locate your spouse when they are away from the home without help. The Slimtrak GPS Ultra Vehicle Tracker can simplify this task. It provides GPS tracking that is accurate up to 40 feet. The entire device weighs 204gr without batteries and is small enough to hide in your boot or under your seats. It is magnetic and does not require antennae space. The device runs for three months with four AA batteries. It sends accurate GPS information to your phone or computer.

Personal Tracking

The Minitrack Data Logger is a smaller version of the Vehicle Tracker meant for personal tracking. It records its own location on a set interval, and you can set the interval anywhere between one and 15 minutes. This data will be stored for later review and provide an accurate map of your spouse's daily movements. This device is battery-powered but you will not lose data if the battery dies. It is approximately the size of a USB drive, allowing covert placement among your spouse's possessions.

Key Logging

Author Sarah Paul offers an online package designed to catch a cheating spouse as well as guide you through the steps to repair the damage in your relationship. The "How to Catch a Cheating Spouse" package is available after a quick online download, allowing you to get started without having to wait for shipping. Along with this e-book, she offers the Sherlock Pro Key Logging Software that allows you to track your spouse's online activities for review later. The "Save My Marriage Today" e-book guides you through the repair process.

Cell Tracking

The Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy is the ultimate tool for spying on any mobile device, such as cell phones or laptops. It can retrieve all the numbers calling your spouse's phone, as well as any number she calls. This software will allow you to view all text messages sent from or received by your spouse's phone, and give you access to their picture files. It can even be set up to call you when they receive a phone call. The software is available as a download, which eliminates your wait for shipping.

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