Tillandsia Mounting Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Tillandsia, or air plants, are small, delicate plants with exotic leaves and flowers. These plants have aerial roots and can live with no soil, so long as they have the right sun and moisture conditions. Their minimal needs, combined with their small size and unusual appearance, make tillandsia useful for decorating hidden corners and out of the way places.

Tillandsia Garden Hanging

Tillandsia are great accent plants in your garden, but cannot tolerate winter frost. Create a hanging to enjoy your tillandsia outside in summer and indoors in winter. Decoratively arrange your tillandsia on a piece of driftwood, a small wreath or nearly any other small object and hang the object from a tree. The tillandsia will thrive in the shady conditions, as long as you remember to mist it about once a week. In the winter, place the decorative piece on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling to add a bit of interest to life and interest to the room.

Tillandsia Accessories

If you want an unusual fashion accessory, incorporate an air plant or several into your clothing. Glue one to a pin for an extremely unusual corsage that is sure to start conversations. Train the roots of a few into the side of a purse made of a rustic fabric such as rough wool or hemp. If you feel really adventurous, grow tillandsia on a broadbrimmed hat. Place your tillandsia accessories on a coffee table or mantle when you aren't wearing them, both as decorations and so that you will remember to water them.

Tillandsia Bathroom

Tillandsia like warm, moist environments, so your bathroom is probably the best place in the house for your air plants. Place tillandsia in shells or miniature pots filled with gravel (no soil!) and use them to decorate the room. Place your air plants in a border around the mirror for an unconventional frame. Arrange them around the corner along with geodes, miniatures or other small decorative objects. Grow them in a line above shower level to add visual interest to the top of the room. Alternately, grow tillandsia in a vertical strip along one wall to be appreciated as an artwork.

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