Lunchtime Activities for High School

Written by daniel ames | 13/05/2017
Lunchtime Activities for High School
Lunchtime in high school can be more than just a quick meal. (lunch date image by Mat Hayward from

For high school students, the lunch break is an opportunity to make choices. Within the rigorously scheduled day, the time devoted to lunch is one of the few periods of time during which students can make their own decisions about how they spend the allotted minutes. For some students, it is the part of day they most look forward to. There are a variety of activities students can choose to pursue during their lunchtime.


The acquisition of food is the primary activity for many high school students. They can choose to bring their own lunch and eat outside if the weather is nice or eat indoors. They can also eat at their school cafeteria and catch up with fellow students. Some high school campuses feature an open campus policy during lunchtime. This means students can travel to restaurants for their meal, time permitting.


Many high schools feature a lunch break that is between thirty and sixty minutes. For many students, this is more than enough time to find food and consume their lunch. If a student has an especially large workload of homework, the lunchtime break can be a good time to get a head start on her homework. Many high schools have their libraries open during the lunch hour. Students can go there to work on homework or study for upcoming tests.


After a long morning of sitting in classrooms confined to their desks, some high school students find the lunchtime break a nice opportunity for some exercise. On nice days, students may choose to walk the campus or surrounding areas. Others can go to the gym or exercise room and get in a good workout. This will lead to increased energy for afternoon classes.


School can be stressful to many students. Use the lunchtime as an opportunity to unwind and calm down before afternoon classes begin. Students should seek out a quiet classroom or library area and enjoy peace and quiet or listen to music. Weather permitting, they can go outside and sit under the shade of a large tree and be relaxed by nature.

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