Battleship Games for PS2

Written by wade gum
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Battleship Games for PS2
Players control powerful battleships and destructive weapons in these PlayStation 2 games. (battleship guns image by Pierrette Guertin from

Commanding a battleship, drawing up a plan of attack and engaging in combat on the high seas is a dangerous encounter few will experience. Battleship games for the PlayStation 2 console allow players to experience the same maritime action and naval tactics from the safety of the couch.

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Hasbro Family Game Night

Containing six classic board games, this PlayStation 2 game includes an adaptation of Hasbro's Battleship. The version is a faithful re-creation of the board game, tiny plastic pieces and all.

Players strategically place their ships onto a grid marked with corresponding letters and numbers and then take turns guessing the location of their opponent's ships to sink them with torpedoes. The game includes single-player and two-player modes, allowing battleship commanders to take on computer-controlled opponents or their friends.

Naval Ops: Commander

Mysterious naval ships appear on Earth and alert the suspicions of military superpowers in this single-player battleship simulation by Koei. As the commander of a small warship, you must align yourself with one of four countries and do battle with the invaders from another dimension. Despite the otherworldly premise, the simulation and combat aspects of "Naval Ops: Commander" are grounded in historical fact and attempt to re-create the experience of commanding ships from the World War II era.

Players aren't placed in control of an entire fleet in the Naval Ops series. They are given the controls of a single ship over which they have complete control. Each mission requires players to customise their ship for the best chance of success. Players are judged on their performance after each mission and are given a rank that determines the amount of money and experience they will receive.

Naval Ops: Warship Gunner

The sci-fi premise of the Naval Ops series continues as Earth's naval forces are sucked into a parallel dimension in "Warship Gunner." The player assumes the role of a battleship captain from Earth stuck in a strange world where naval warfare constantly wages between two military superpowers.

The game offers two different simulation modes for battleship game fans. The first mode authentically re-creates World War II era ships and weapons while the second mode introduces high-tech lasers and space-age weapons from the game's futuristic storyline setting. The game places an emphasis on action and combat, although players have to work at improving their ships in the simulation mode to have a chance in the heat of battle.

Naval Ops: Warship Gunner 2

Moving the setting boldly into the future, the last instalment in the Naval Ops series for PlayStation 2 includes even more ships and weapons than its predecessor. The basis on World War II technology has been entirely removed from Warship Gunner 2, which features ion cannons and laser turrets designed for massive destruction.

Despite the incredible weapons, the emphasis on simulated naval combat remains. Players need to use smart battle tactics and evasive manoeuvring to complete all the missions. As the game progresses, players have to continually upgrade their ship's arsenal in order to survive, which can be accomplished through buying equipment or salvaging gear from sunken ships.

Simple 2000 Volume 51: The Battleship

Offering a stripped down, no-frills emphasis on game play, the Simple 2000 series of budget titles provides video game play without the bells and whistles. "The Battleship" is an action game that allows players to re-create some of the greatest maritime battles of World War II using authentic planes and ships.

The game is simulation based, requiring players to direct the movements and actions of numerous ships before watching the action unfold. The game also includes a two-player mode that allows players to compete head-to-head with their respective fleets.

"The Battleship" game was only released in Japan, however. This means the game will not work on PlayStation 2 consoles released in other countries without a method of playing imported games.

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