Career aptitude tests for kids

Updated March 23, 2017

Career aptitude tests are given to children and school aged young adults throughout their school career. The point of the tests is to determine the type of skills the child has and which future careers may be the a good fit for the child's skills and interests. There are a variety of tests given that measure many potential career factors, including IQ, personality and interests.

IQ Tests

An IQ test is a test that looks at a child's mental abilities. IQ tests are not given in every state or every school, but some parents or teachers might give children IQ tests to determine their intelligence and intellectual potential. Average IQ is typically around 100, though every test has variations on the average. Most have a range; for example, an IQ score of 90 to 110 is considered average, 111 to 130 is above average and anything above 130 is genius.

Personality Tests

Unlike an IQ test, which scores a child's intelligence, a personality test determines the child's basic personality traits based on natural reactions and behaviours. In a career context, this usually can indicate which jobs may be a suitable fit given the personality. For example, a child with a shy personality might have career results indicating that the child best work in a field that avoids public speaking or similar situations.

Career InterestTests

A career interest test is often given in schools and matches a child's interests with potential careers or career types. For example, an artistic child who answered the test's questions according to their interests in the arts would end up with test results reflecting their artistic nature and identifying artistic or creative careers. Unlike a personality test, which looks at basic traits, or an IQ test, which looks at intelligence, a career interest test matches hobbies and interests to suggest compatible career paths for the child.

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