Decoration ideas for a little black dress party

Written by crystal green | 13/05/2017
Decoration ideas for a little black dress party
Plan your little black dress party with success. (woman in a black dress image by Cora Reed from

Every girl must have a little black dress. It's that staple item in your wardrobe that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you and your gal pals are having a little black dress-themed party, keep everyone excited beyond the invitation with "dressy" decor

Room Décor

As guests arrive, set the tone for the type of entertaining evening they've anticipated. Roll out a black carpet at the entryway to your venue and hire a photographer to take pictures of your guests as they arrive. Hang black paper lanterns of varying sizes at varying levels from the ceiling around the space. Create a rhinestone and crystals entry curtain by stringing them on fishing wire and hanging from ceiling to floor at the doorway. You can purchase rhinestones and crystals from your local art supply store and fishing wire from your local hardware store. Make a large knot at the bottom to hold the stones in place and as needed as you work your way to the top.


If your party is more formal, use black table linens sprinkled with crystals and rhinestones. Decorate the centre of the table with a large crystal dish filled with silver wrapped chocolate candy. If you prefer a more casual centrepiece, use a collection of trendy heels that coordinate with the black dress look. Use standard white linen or a light lace tablecloth for your table covering. Purchase little black heel confetti from online party stores or online confetti stores.


Use your favours as decor and give all guests something to take away as a reminder of a wonderful party. For something simple, use cupcakes decorated in black and white and packaged in clear boxes. Search online under "little black dress" to locate gift suppliers and such for little black dress-themed gifts. You can also order cases of wine to set around your venue with name tags--one for each guest.

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