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Updated April 17, 2017

Fimo is a large line of polymer modelling clay manufactured by the Staedtler Company. The label sells air-dry modelling clay and oven-bake modelling clay in over 70 different colours, as well as a large selection of accessories. While the brand is well-known in the world of bead-making, the modelling clay works for a variety of creative projects.


Bead creation is a common project when it comes to using any kind of Fimo clay. Beginners can roll different coloured clays together in a small ball and poke a hole through the middle with a toothpick to create simple beads. Experienced crafters can layer long snakes of clay in a tube shape and slice off thin discs to create intricate beads with shapes and patterns. Poke two or four holes in the front of the bead instead one through the side to turn the bauble into a button.


Whether you want to create decorations for a Christmas tree or a trinket for a keychain, you can create either piece quickly with colourful Fimo. Roll the modelling clay into a 1/2-inch thick sheet, cut out shapes with cookie cutters and poke a hole in the top with a toothpick to create holiday ornaments. Mold green Fimo into a ring shape and accent it with red Fimo dots to create a holiday wreath that you can hang from a tree or back with a magnet for display on the refrigerator. Press assorted colours of clay together into a 1-inch thick sheet and cut out a simple flower shape to create a cheerful keychain.


Modelling projects are among the primary reasons Fimo modelling clay was invented in the first place. Mold four stick legs and an oval head, and secure them to a multicoloured oval lump to create a turtle model easy enough for kids to try. Roll mini balls of red or light green clay and top them with little green dots to make apples for a dollhouse. Sculpt glow-in-the-dark white Fimo into a ghost shape and decorate it with a painted black mouth and eyes to produce a Halloween decoration for your windowsill.


Give old objects a new decorative cover using Fimo. Weave assorted strips of clay over the lid of a round tin. Repeat the process around the body of the tin, leaving enough room for the lid to slide down, to give an old container a new decorative texture. Press mini balls of assorted coloured clay around a scratched picture frame to give it a cheerful new look. Cover the top of a cork with rolls of Fimo and secure a Fimo bead to the top to add a decorative accent to simple corked bottles.

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