Tools for a Telephone Engineer

Updated April 17, 2017

Telephone engineers utilise a variety of tools to test, install or repair telecommunications equipment. These tools can be everything from a basic screwdriver to the more sophisticated tools used to find breaks in the telephone wire. Telephone engineers have become more than just repair-persons with complex telecommunications equipment being installed in today's world.

Telecomm Installation Tool Kit

Telephone engineers carry a telecommunications installation tool kit in order to have all the basic tools utilised to repair, troubleshoot or install telephone lines and equipment. This tool kit comes in many different styles and at many different prices, but most telephone engineers tool kit have pliers, all-purpose snips, screwdrivers, hex set or Allen wrenches, hand drill and many other basic tools.

Test Sets

Telephone line test sets are used by the telephone engineer to troubleshoot a telephone line to determine whether the line is working properly. These test sets can dial multiple numbers without interrupting other telephone lines within the same control box. The test set used by the telephone engineer is weatherproof for use in inclement weather conditions.

Coaxial Test Equipment

A modular or coaxial tester is utilised by the telephone engineer to troubleshoot the type of telecommunications line used by the customer. These telecommunications lines can be the simple multi-wire line, coaxial cable line or modular line and the telephone engineer needs a tool that can test the different lines to ensure there are no leaking, shorts or breaks in the line. The telephone line tester also determines where the damage to the line is occurring.

Fibre Optics Line Tools

Most telecommunications companies are switching over to fibre optic lines which are made of minute glass wire. This type of telephone lines requires the telephone engineer to carry a fibre optics tool kit in order to install or repair the line. These tool kits include a fibre optics splicing torch, cutting tool, scribes, scissors and polishing equipment to smooth the spliced fibre optic line.

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