German Woodworking Tools

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German Woodworking Tools
This plane is one of the many woodworking tools on the market today (woodworking plane image by Christopher Dodge from

The art of woodworking requires a series of different tools to obtain desired results for any project. German woodworking tools are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and materials, which makes them quite popular. There are many manufacturers that offer a wide variety of German-made tools. E.C. Emmerich, Ulmia, Kunz, Dieter Schmid, Glen-Drake Toolworks and DMT are just a few of the German woodworking tool manufacturers that you will find available.


Many German woodworking tool manufacturers make firm chisels, heavy duty chisels, mortise chisels and gouges. These German-made tools have sharp, high-quality edges and blades. Firm chisels have bevelled blades that are offered in widths of 3mm to 50mm. Heavy-duty chisels for use in heavy carpentry are offered in widths of 16mm to 55mm. Mortise chisels have a rounded handle for easy gripping and are found in widths of 6mm to 12 mm. Gouges have an outer channel with widths of 6mm to 26mm.


Bar clamps, mitre clamps and pinch clamps are available. Bar clamps have a sliding jaw bar with a clamping mechanism. These are offered in sizes of 4 inch by 8, 12, 16 or 24 inch as well as 8 inch by 8 inch. Mitre clamps are different sized spring steel rings that are applied with special pliers and are used to mitre joints on crown moulding, doors and picture frames. Pinch clamps are lightweight wire clamps for small trim jobs. German-made clamps are strong enough to hold your woodworking project in place while you work with it.

Countersinks, Drill Bits and Awls

All three of these are used with a drill. When you purchase German-made countersinks, drill bits and awls, you can rest assured that they are made of high-quality metals that will prevent these tools from breaking easily during use. A countersink is a bit that looks like a burrowing screwdriver. Awls are thin, long and pointed for reaming edges or making holes. There are other drill bits available for other uses.

Drawknives, Inshaves and Scorps

Drawknives have a long blade that is held between two handles. Inshaves have a bent or curved blade with two handles. This tool is meant to cut large gouges out of wood. A scorp has a blade that is shaped into a circle with one handle attached. All three of these tools that are made from German manufacturers are handcrafted with high-quality blades.

Hammers and Mallets

Mallets have wooden handles and heads and are used for pounding pieces of wood into place without leaving dents as a hammer would. Hammers have a wood handle and a metal head for pounding in things such as nails. German tool manufacturers use strong, good-quality wood and metal to construct these tools. Mallets and hammers made from lower-quality materials run the risk of splintering or cracking over time.


Woodworking knives are used for scribing, cutting and carving. Their blades can be straight, slightly bent or curved. Since German-made knives are hand-forged and sharpened extensively, you do not have to exert as much effort to make the cuts that you would normally would since it will slice through your wood with ease.


Planes have sandpaper attached to a specialised block that is pushed by the hand. These tools are implemented to do finishing work. German tool manufacturers have designed these planes to fit securely in your hand with comfort and ease as you work.

Scrapers and Burnishers

Scrapers are pieces of metal that are held in the hand to scrape wood away. A burnisher is a steel rod with a wooden handle that is used to sharpen the edges of your metal scraper. Again, the quality metals German manufacturers use will withstand frequent use and the specific design of these tools can be held comfortably in your hand.

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones help make a sharper edge on your tools. Using the proper sharpening stone for your German-made tools will help ensure that you keep a sharp edge on those tools so they can continue cut into and shape the wood properly.

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