Embankment planting ideas

An embankment or steep slope can be a difficult landscape feature to deal with especially if it is grass and needs mowing. Planting a permanent grass replacement can help keep the slope more stable and reduce erosion, and end the need to mow on a dangerous slope. A variety of good options are available to meet your needs for this project.

Ground Covers

The most common planting for an embankment is a low maintenance ground cover. Pachysandra and Vinca are common and popular choices. They grow and cover quickly and fill in a large area with dense ground cover that deters weeds. English Ivy and a wide variety of Juniper also are common choices and make an attractive embankment cover. Plant clumps of any of these ground covers spaced to fill in the embankment within a couple of growing seasons. In the interim, use a good weed and feed to repel weeds while the cover fills in, and add mulch to aid the process.

Shrubs and Stonecrops

Similar to the creeping ground covers, certain shrubs are low growing, dense and cover a large area. Creeping False Yew is a good choice, as is Golden Lantana and Creeping Rosemary. Stonecrop are similar to both low shrubs and other ground covers, but grow well in low water and rocky difficult areas. Choose one of the many varieties of sedum for this hardy succulent; they come in a vast array of colours and blooming types.

Go Wild

Wild flower mix is a good choice for an embankment cover if you are seeking a tall less neat appearance. Covering the slope with a wild flower mix seed will create a field of wildflowers. Once the growth takes hold, it will choke out most weed varieties and reseed itself for the next season. A more time consuming option but just as effective is to plant the embankment with bulbs. One good choice is daylilies because they spread well and cover a large area, and bloom later and longer than spring variety bulbs.

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