Go Karting Track Rules

Updated November 21, 2016

Go-karting is an exciting activity. It has grown in popularity over the years, and new factions of go-karting have emerged that fall more into the extreme sport category. There are still many family-oriented, safer tracks available. These are the concrete circle tracks of our youth that only require a helmet for safety. But there are also extreme tracks for the diehard go-karting enthusiasts--and each track requires extensive rules.

Understanding the Track

Each Go-Kart track is different, and they have various designs, layouts and signals. At a basic track in a family-friendly activity centre, rules mostly consist of respecting other drivers and maintaining a safe distance between go-karts--and never getting out of the vehicle on the track. If you encounter a problem, slow down and pull safely to the side. Today's more competitive racing tracks require a more in-depth briefing. The track will include light and flag signals that drivers must understand. These signals tell the drivers to slow down or stop in case of an accident.

Protective Gear

Wearing a helmet is a rule at even the most lesiurely Go-kart tracks. All tracks require drivers to wear whatever seat belt or safety harness is installed in the go-kart. At a competitive track, where the go-karts reach higher speeds, drivers may be required to wear fire retardant protective suits. Certain tracks or racing leagues even require protective neck braces.

No Drinking and Driving

Drinking alcohol is prohibited on all tracks. You will be disqualified if this rule is broken. Many casual go-karting tracks are located at activity centres that sell alcohol. If the management feels that someone has been drinking, they may refuse to allow them to operate a go-kart.

Reckless Driving

Even on a smaller, safer track, a go-kart can be a dangerous machine if not handled properly. They are very small vehicles, with a gas-filled tank located close to the driver. If a go-kart were to ram into a crash barrier or another go-kart, they're capable of flipping over or catching fire. It is against rules to drive recklessly.

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