Cures for Cat Eye Infections

Written by david arnold | 13/05/2017
Cures for Cat Eye Infections
Cat eye infections can be treated with antibiotics and eye solutions. (cat image by nutech21 from

Eye infections in cats are quite common and are the result of bacterial and viral infections. Symptoms include yellow or grey discharge from the eye area, extremely swollen eye lids and inflammation. These symptoms usually linger and can become problematic, compromising your cat's ability to see. Treatments for feline eye infections range from antibiotics to natural remedies.


Like in humans, antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. The same applies for cats with eye infections. Bacterial feline eye infections like conjunctivitis are common among cats with auto immune diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV. Feline immunodeficiency virus is the feline version of HIV in humans. FIV in cats disables the immune system from fighting off bacterial infections. Antibiotics including tetracycline is usually prescribed for conjunctivitis in cats. It removes bacteria from the blood, which will actively deter the infection from progressing.

Animals' Apawthecary Eye and Nose Drops

Animals' Apawthecary Eye and Nose Drops contain natural herbs and antibiotics that can be effective in the treatment of bacterial and some viral feline eye infections. The drops are mostly comprised of saline solution but also contain the herb eyebright, which has been used for more than 100 years for eye and ear infections. Additionally, Animals' Apawthecary also contains goldenseal, a natural antibiotic and anticeptic. The combination of ingredients soothes irritation and redness and can cure the infection. The drops should be administered twice daily until the signs of infection are gone.

Pet Alive Eye Heal

Pet Alive Eye Heal is effective in the treatment of bacterial and viral eye infections. It is aqueous and supports healthy conjunctiva to keep eyes bright and clear. It also remedies many symptoms of bacterial eye infections including weeping yellow or grey mucus, redness and inflammation. Place a few drops onto a clean cotton swab and gently swab your cat's eye area. Repeat this process until the symptoms of the infection are no longer present. It contains burdock and celadine, which boosts the cat's immune system, and meadowsweet, a natural antiseptic against bacteria.

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