Things to Grow in a Greenhouse

Updated July 20, 2017

Greenhouse gardening means you can grow exotic fruit and vegetables that would not otherwise flourish, producing crops of warmth-loving plants even in the winter. To grow fruits and vegetables in the winter, the greenhouse needs heating. Ensure that the greenhouse is well ventilated, otherwise plants may well suffer from fungal infections which thrive in hot, damp conditions. (See Reference 1)

Decorative plants and flowers

Gardenias with their scented blooms, Dieffenbachia with its decorative foliage and Camellias with their colourful blooms grow well in greenhouses. Give garden flowers like dahlias, geraniums and fuchsias an early start in the spring before planting them outside after the chance of frost has passed. Start houseplants from seed or cuttings in the greenhouse before putting them in their final position. (See Reference 1 and 2)


Tomatoes are a favourite for greenhouse cultivation. Even if your region is warm enough to grow them outdoors, you will achieve better yields growing them in the greenhouse. Eggplant, cucumbers and chilli peppers all grow well in a greenhouse, as do different lettuce varieties. Grow vegetable crops directly in the greenhouse soil border or in containers.

(See Reference 1 and 3)


Grapevines grow vigorously in the greenhouse and will produce abundant grape drops. The vines need to be carefully trained and pruned to maximise output. Peaches, melons and citrus fruits will all produce healthy crops in greenhouse conditions. (See Reference 1 and 4)

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