Russian Faberge Egg Crafts for Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

The unique artistry and beauty of Faberge eggs have made them one of Russia's greatest national treasures. The artistry and imagination of jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé have made Faberge eggs internationally renowned pieces of art. Share the beauty of Faberge eggs with your children by creating crafts in the spirit of the artisan himself. Faberge-inspired egg crafts are much more budget-friendly than the original creations.

Yarn Egg

Blow up a small water balloon. Fill a small bowl with craft glue. Dip several 8-inch pieces of yarn in the glue. Wrap each one around the balloon to form a pattern over the entire surface. Sprinkle the yarn with glitter while the glue is still wet. Place the balloon on top of a drinking glass until completely dry. Pop the balloon with a needle and remove the remains of the balloon. Insert a small string in the smaller side of the yarn egg to hang.

Hollowed Egg Art

Gently crack a small hole in the top of a large egg with a needle. Crack another small hole on the bottom. Blow into the top hole, over a dish, until the contents of the egg come out. Rinse the egg with water and allow to dry. Paint the egg with acrylic paints in your choice of colours. Glue small rhinestones or sequins on the egg to complete the design.

Pencil Topper

Mold air-drying clay into a small egg shape and attach to the top of your pencil. Allow it to dry. Paint the clay with acrylic paint to complete. Make a matching egg-shaped pencil sharpener by encasing a small pencil sharpener in air-drying clay. Use a toothpick to remove the clay from around the blade area. Allow it to dry. Paint to match the pencil topper.

Styrofoam Eggs

Coat styrofoam eggs from your local craft store with a thick layer of craft glue. Dip the eggs in different colours of glitter and allow drying. Glue colourful buttons and beads onto the eggs. Make a stand for the eggs by forming a circle with a pipe cleaner and attaching three more pipe cleaners to form "legs".

Egg Wall Hanging

Cut a medium-sized piece of coloured posterboard into an egg shape. Decorate the egg with markers, stamps and stickers. Glue grosgrain ribbon around the border of the egg shape. Attach a small piece of yarn on the back of the egg to hang it.

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