Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

Written by kim durant
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Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas
Sagittarius is one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. (zodiac signs - icons image by Stasys Eidiejus from

People usually choose tattoos that centre around their interests and characteristics, such as their favourite sports team--or their astrological sign. Whether you take pride in your adventurous Sagittarian nature or if you are just trying to think of a subject for your next tattoo, get inspired by the mythological and astronomical associations of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Symbol

Get a tattoo of a centaur (the half-man, half-horse creature associated with the Sagittarius sign) or of the arrow-like Sagittarius symbol. Tweak the design depending upon the impression you want to convey. For example, if you want a "cute" tattoo, commission an anime-style centaur foal with a pudgy, pastel-coloured body topped with a baby or young child with huge eyes. Alternately, if you're going for a hard-edged look, ask for a snarling red centaur rearing on its hind legs and brandishing a sword. The Sagittarius symbol would make a good small tattoo for a wrist or ankle.

Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas
The Sagittarius symbol can be pictured with or without the circle. (Sagittarius sign image by Tomislav from


Commission a subtler Sagittarius tattoo by asking for tattooed stars in the shape of the constellation Sagittarius. According to the Enchanted Learning website, ancient people interpreted this star arrangement as representing a centaur archer who was aiming at the Scorpion (the next constellation over), who bit Orion. Ways to vary and customise this tattoo include the size, shape and colouration of the stars and whether or not you "connect" them with lines to show the outline of the constellation. This tattoo would be particularly fitting for an amateur archer or astronomy buff.

Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas
Learn how to find Sagittarius in the night sky. (night sky image by Sergey Galushko from

Adventure Manifesto

Ask the tattoo artist to emblazon you with a phrase that captures your philosophy of adventure, since adventurousness is perhaps the single most-defining characteristic of Sagittarians. The BabyCenter website describes Sagittarians as born adventurers who tend to be "naturally athletic" and "bright, exuberant, optimistic, and outgoing." If you have a catchphrase you often use with friends, such as, "Go for it, bro" or "It's a cool world out there," consider having that tattooed around your bicep or across your upper back. Alternately, get a tattoo of a single word that holds meaning to you, like "adventure" or "leap" or "dare."

Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas
Include a graphic symbolising your favourite adventurous activity--like ballooning. (adventure image by MAXFX from

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