Flash Animated Lighting Effects

Updated February 21, 2017

Adobe Flash is a tool that designers use to add videos and animation to websites. Adobe Flash will generally will make the page more graphically appealing and add some interactivity to it. While Adobe Flash is often used by designers who create web pages, those looking to increase their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should only use Flash animation at a minimum. Web crawlers cannot read Flash animation.

Cross Fade

Cross fade in Flash allows you to fade from one image or light source to the next. The first light source will fade as the new one starts coming in. This allows you to have a smooth transition between web pages or items on the page. Cross fade is also common in videos or slideshows. This is a beginner's skill often found on basic web pages.

Flash Fluid Effect

The Flash Fluid Effect adds effects such as blur, warp, wind or melt to images and clips, and these effects should be used for video transitions. Blur will cause the clip to appear fuzzy while the warp effect causes a wave to move through the clip. The wind effect makes the clip look like it's blowing away, and the melt effect makes the clip look like it is melting away. These effects are in bitmap, which means that a person won't need to know coding to use them.

Glow Effect

The Glow Effect allows you to add emphasis to both animated images and text. For example, if you plan on having text fly-in from a side, add the Glow Effect to give it an almost luminous quality. This will ensure that the reader does not miss it. Or, you can use it to highlight a certain section of an image or picture. Another interesting way to use the Glow Effect is to add it to animated lightening to make the lightening pop from the screen.


The Spotlight effect lets you either highlight areas of a page or text. For example, you can use the Spotlight effect to create the look of real spotlights moving around your page. You can also mix it up and add different shapes or colours to your spotlight. With text, you can roll the spotlight over the text so that only certain letters are illuminated at a time. Type white text onto a white background as this will make the text blend into the background. Only when the spotlight moves over the text will it be visible.

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