Bible Activities for the Story of the Sower & the Seed From Mark 4

Updated November 21, 2016

In the story of the Sower and the Seed, Jesus taught on how the word of God is received by different types of people. Whether you are teaching a preschool Sunday School class or an adult Bible study, props to illustrate the story are often helpful. The lesson in the parable of the Sower is appropriate when introducing a new Vacation Bible School or missions program to the church body.

Plant Seeds

Bring in different kinds of seeds and place on a table. Let the class try to figure out what sort or plant produced them. You can bring a variety of watermelon, orange, apple, pumpkin, flower and grass seeds.

Also bring different kinds of soil in pots. One cup should be full of rocks. Another can be full of sand. Have another cup with dirt and weeds. The last cup should have good soil in it. Let the class decide which cup gets their seeds.

Tell the story as the class plants seeds. Consider tossing a handful of birdseed out the window while you are talking. If the birds come to eat the seeds, be sure to point that out since it is an important part of the lesson.

Work Sheets

Several free work sheets are available to download. Print copies of the Sower colouring page and let the children colour while your are reading the story. Test what they heard with a short quiz. Then you can pass out crossword puzzles and word finds as take-home activities. Presenting the information in several different ways will help the students remember.

Seed Packets

Make decorated seed packets to give to family and friends throughout the week. Fold a half piece of construction paper into an envelope, secure with tape and decorate it. Or, you can download the seed packet covers from the eBible teacher resource and glue on regular small envelopes. Print out Bible verses on coloured slips of paper. Place inside the seed packets. Discuss how the Word of God is the seed that Jesus was talking about in the parable.

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