Grants for Photography Business

Updated April 17, 2017

Photography businesses are usually small businesses with under 500 employees. Small business grants are awarded directly to businesses by state and local government programs. Non-government organisations award grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Alternatively, some photography businesses may qualify for photography grants. Photography grants are usually granted by media publishers and art foundations. Some kinds photography grants include humanitarian, editorial and fine arts grants.

State and Local Governments

Some state and local governments offer grants for small businesses. State and local government grants may apply to specific projects or types of business. For example, a state or local government grant may apply to marketing campaigns for tourism. If your photography business proposes a plan to produce photography and other elements of a campaign, then the business may qualify for the grant. Some state and local government grants require recipients to match the funds or combine the grant with other forms of financing.

Idea Café points entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking grant money to Idea Café. Idea Café awards grants to small businesses and small business start-up companies in any industry. Idea Café regularly offers £650 grants to small business owners. These grants are awarded to businesses based on innovation. Grant winners receive a £650 check, free publicity and national recognition.


Private institutions offer photography grants for humanitarian purposes. Getty Images offers grants to support photographers who produce images leading to positive change in the world. For example, fine art photographers may produce a series of images promoting minority advancement or disaster relief.


Some organisations offer photography grants for photojournalism. Getty Images and National Geographic offer photojournalism grants to professional photojournalists. If your photography company produces images that report on issues and events, then you may qualify for these grants. Photojournalism grants may cover the expenses of an editorial project proposed in your application.

Fine Arts and Creativity

Some organisations offer grants based on photographic creativity.These grants are usually awarded based on artistic merit, and funds may cover the cost of a proposed project that is new, ongoing or completed. Burn Magazine and the Humble Arts Foundation offer photography grants to support artistic photography projects. These grants may require applications that submit photographs in a contest.

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