Order Picker Duties

Written by bianca bumpres | 13/05/2017
Order Picker Duties
Order pickers place pallets at the delivery destination of the warehouse. (warehouse image by enens from Fotolia.com)

An order picker fills and delivers customers orders to the delivery platform of a warehouse. This involves moving merchandise from the stockroom and placing it on a delivery pallet. He is responsible for meeting company standards of safety, security and productivity. They earned an average annual salary of £17,612, as of November 2009.


An order picker selects and fills customer’s orders for shipment. Filling an order includes having and recording the correct order number and product type, assembling merchandise for shipment if necessary and transporting items to correct shipping locations with accurate stencil tag or mark orders. Filling also includes repacking and weighing orders as needed.


In this position, the individual tracks inbound and outbound shipments for accuracy and damage. They conduct physical inventory of merchandise periodically. He notes and approves substitutions for out of item stock.


In stocking and filling the order picker operates a forklift. When placing items for delivery an order picker operates a pallet jack to move completed orders in trucks for delivery and pull pallets through the warehouse. On a daily basis, this professional inspects equipment of operation and performs minor maintenance on equipment when needed.

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