Ideas for decorating a 9-year-old boy's bedroom

Updated June 26, 2018

The theme options for decorating a boy's bedroom range from sports to cars and trucks. You can also decorate using just colours to create different styles. Confer with the boy and ask what his likes and dislikes are so you two can work together to create the perfect bedroom for him.


You can decorate your room with sports paraphernalia and colours. There are many avenues to take with this type of décor. If the boy has a favourite team, you can decorate the room using the colours of that team and putting up posters and pictures for the art on the walls. Another way to go with a sports theme is to have lots of different sports represented. You can find bedspreads with pattens of different sports gear and can even hang actual sports equipment as part of the décor, like hockey sticks. You can also choose one sport to represent in the room. You also have to option to present the sport as it is in modern culture or as it was in history. For example, if you choose to decorate with a golf theme, you can use modern pictures and colours, or you can use classic dark greens and sepia. You can even find antique golf bags and clubs to adorn the room.

Trucks and Cars

Trucks ans cars are a classic type of décor for little boys. There are a few different ways to go with this kind of décor as well. You can use classic trucks and cars as a basis for decorating. Black and white pictures would be a good way to decorate the walls, or you can go the other direction and embrace the candy coloured paint job of many classic cars. You can also use specific types of vehicles to create a theme like fire trucks and police cars.


You can decorate simply by choosing colours for a boys room. Make sure to let the boy have a say in which colours are chosen. When using colours, an important thing to keep in mind is that the boy may be able to use these colours for future décor down the road, so try to pick colours that a teenager will like. Blue and orange or brown and green are good colours to use in boys' rooms.

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