Duties of a Domestic Assistant

Updated April 17, 2017

Maintaining a sanitary, orderly and comfortable environment is very important in the running of private residences, day care centres and other hospice, health care and rehabilitation establishments. Domestic assistants promote sanitary conditions and healthy living standards. Domestic service jobs demand good physical stamina, mental health and a pleasant, professional attitude. The nature of the job involves continuous movement and the occasional handling of heavy equipment.


General housekeeping chores, such as changing bed sheets, watering plants, doing laundry, cleaning walls and windows, dusting and polishing wood furnishings and disinfecting kitchens are some of the routine activities performed by domestic assistants. The job also involves some unpleasant tasks, such as handling trash, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing toilets and removing soap scum. Some duties may involve the cleaning of soiled linens, stained carpets and other spills. In all cases, domestic assistants must carry out their duties in a quick, efficient and discrete manner.

Job Tools

Domestic assistants use various tools to meet the cleanliness standards of their employers. They operate a variety of mechanised cleaning equipment, such as washing machines, clothes dryers, floor polishers, steam cleaners and vacuums. A domestic assistant may handle heavy-duty cleaning solvents with strong chemicals. Individuals in this role must have a keen eye for detail and strong organizational skills. They read product labels and handle all items in their care safely and properly. For instance, a good domestic assistant reads the care labels on laundry to ensure proper washing.


A domestic assistant’s place of employment dictates her daily interactions. For instance, a domestic assistant working for a private household may interact with only the homeowners and random house guests. However, a domestic assistant at a residential care facility may work with other domestic assistants, a housekeeping director and other health care professionals at the facility. Irrespective of her work environment, a domestic assistant maintains awareness of her employer’s cleaning needs and performs her duties exercising a high degree of dignity, discretion and respect.

Special Projects

An employer may ask his domestic assistant to perform errands and special tasks, such as preparing meals or providing child care. A domestic assistant may go grocery shopping on their employer’s behalf or replenish cleaning supplies when needed. Some jobs may involve light pet care, such as feeding and walking pets, and cleaning up occasional indoor “accidents.”

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