Stunt driving careers

Written by lee morgan
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Stunt driving careers
Stunt drivers sometimes have to involve themselves in a car crash on purpose. (Crash on the street. German auto model 2007. image by Dariusz Kopestynski from

Stunt driving is an unusual choice of careers, but it can be very exciting and lucrative for some people. These skilled drivers are not simply adrenalin junkies. Instead they are professionals who have a high level of training and technical driving skill who do their jobs with the knowledge that there is a greater than average safety risk connected to their chosen profession. Stunt drivers can earn a living in several ways, and each one of them is likely to get the heart pumping.

Car Commercials

If you’ve ever watched a television commercial advertising automobiles, it is likely that somewhere in the fine print at the bottom of the screen they notified the viewer that professional drivers were used in the making of the commercial. These professional drivers are stunt drivers, even if they weren’t doing anything spectacular in the commercial.

Often commercials like to show the handling capability of a car in rainy or snowy conditions or they wish to show the excellent braking capability as a driver slams on the brakes just in time to keep the car from plunging over a cliff. Sometimes they just want a shot of the car going really fast.

The drivers in the cars during the filming of these commercials are professional stunt drivers. They are paid to make the car perform in extreme situations or to help show off its selling points. The drivers train at driving schools and often make generous salaries that can be more than £65,000 a year, according to the CNN Money website.

Movie Stunt Double

Odds are you’ve seen more than one chase scene in a movie. With rare exception, the movie stars are not behind the wheel during them. Production companies hire stunt drivers to double as the actors when scenes are shot that include dangerous driving conditions.

Stunts that drivers participate in range from high-speed chases to racing sequences. They may have to intentionally crash a car or drive a car that is on fire. These spectacular stunts require precision planning and execution to avoid serious injury and to get realistic scenes on film.

Live Entertainment

Sometimes stunt drivers are not only seen on the screen. Stunt drivers often work in live settings and perform stunts for their stand-alone entertainment value. Stunt drivers may be seen at racing events as pre-race entertainment or at state fairs or other spectator events, according to

Drivers may jump a car over a row of other cars, drive monster trucks and crush obstacles or perform other death-defying feats in exchange for a fee paid by the producers of the show. These stunts are sometimes more dangerous than movie or television commercial stunts because they must be set up more quickly in some cases and the environment is less controlled.

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