Indoor Football Games for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Although baseball is considered America’s pastime, football is king in many parts of the country. The game is popular with all types of people–especially those who have had the opportunity to play football in youth leagues or school, outside with a group of friends or on television with a video game system. Kids can also play indoor football with friends and family.

Pizza Box

Pizza Box Football is a football board game produced by On The Line Game Company. This game is designed to work best with two players ages 12 and up, but it can be played alone as well.

The game gets its name from the packaging it comes in. The game box looks like a pizza box. It opens up and a football field fits neatly inside the pizza box, according to The players use cards and dice to simulate either a four-quarter game that takes about 60 minutes to play or one of several scenario games where each player takes a turn on offence in an attempt to score. The scenario version only takes about five minutes to play a round.

During the game the defensive player chooses the type of defence to run by secretly selecting a coordinating coloured die. The offensive player announces the type of play he wants to run and rolls three dice that correspond to play cards. The defence then rolls its die, revealing the defensive scheme and result.

Table Top Football

Also known as “paper football,” table top football only requires a single sheet of plain paper and a cleared off kitchen table. The game requires a paper football folded into a triangle shape–see instructions in the resource link below–and two players sitting across the table from one another.

The game begins by one player laying the ball on its side in front of him on the table and flicking it toward the other player. This is where the player begins his set of downs. The player has four flicks of the ball to try and get the paper football to overhang the opponent’s edge of the table partially without falling off. If the player fails, the opponent takes over and tries to do the same. If he succeeds, then he scored six points and tries for an extra point by standing the ball on it’s point and thumping it through uprights made by the opponents fingers.

If one player slides the ball off the table, the other takes over. If this happens three times in a game, the opponent gets to try for a three-point field goal. Games are typically played to 35.

Big Sunday

Big Sunday is a strategy football board game produced by The Randolph Rose Group. The game is set up to simulate a real football game as closely as possible in board game format. It is also a great tool for teaching kids and adults about the intricacies of football’s rules, according to Toy Directory Monthly’s website.

The defensive players reveal their selected defence in the game, played on a football field board, as the offensive players roll dice to run their play. A chart will translate the die rolls into actual play results. The game contains all of the actions normally seen in a real football game such as fumbles, penalties and even the two-minute warning.

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